SEEKPLAN is a global-scale Ecommerce (Interior Design Plan) Marketplace and Social Network for Architectural industries, including; Architects, Interior Designers, Building Contractors, Building Suppliers, Property Developers, Real Estate Investors and Real Estate Agents. is a place to buy and sell any interior design plan (and let them do sell their construction without any commission) that made by designers from all over the world. is also a place to seek and communicate with people in architecture business around the world. A place to find and to get known between Architect, Interior Designer, Property Developer, Real estate Broker, Civil Engineer, Investor or even direct customer.

Our Story

The idea of SEEKPLAN was generated by Faldo Andreo in 2012. As a designer, mentor, consultant and book author that is specialized in Interior Design and Architecture, he realized that designers have been struggled to sell their design plans that are made on their spare time (owner-free). He found that there are so many freelance websites but not even a single marketplace. On another side, people are faced by so many limitations on education, purchasing ability, connection, background knowledge, culture, social issues and other problems that slows down the development of architecture in the world. As a Design Plan Marketplace and Social Network for architectural industries, SEEKPLAN is expected to connect people in architecture business around the world and be a blessed place for designers to sell their unused artworks and people who needs affordable blueprints. SEEKPLAN is also expected to be an innovative services that could change the world through architecture that knows no limit nor boundaries.. In 2015, the first SEEKPLAN company is established by two founders, Faldo Andreo as the Head Commissioner and Chief Design Officer and Fasco Ho as the Chief Executive Officer. Later then, DR. R. Antonis (Philemon Robert) Ph.D. from The Netherlands be the Chief Executive Officer of SEEKPLAN, while Fasco Ho was altered as a CFO and Commissioner in 2016. SEEKPLAN is developed by multi-talented people from multi-national backgrounds across continents. It is a global network information technology services that was designed in Benelux and was developed across continents in Asia and Europe by IT specialists. As an innovative breakthrough in Architecture and Information Technology, SEEKPLAN aims to have a good impact in education. Today, the services was launched in five (5) countries, including; Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Indonesia and Singapore. By September 2016, SEEKPLAN marketplace is only accommodates Interior Design Plans and launched its Commission Free Campaign for User to User direct transactions. On the same time, SEEKPLAN works together with various property developers, event organizers and corporations in order to upfront it’s users and get them known by the world by bringing design competitions that will be held regularly.  

SEEKPLAN Logo(s), Tradename(s) and/or Trademark(s) is registered and owned by PT. SEEKPLAN MULTI DATA (SEMD) in Indonesia, United States and/or other countries.

Stay Free. Pay nothing but get paid. is a campaign made by SEEKPLAN for its contributors. Our main goal is to change the world’s architecture in real acts and its true definition, help designers and consumers by bringing a free marketplace and free networking services in architectural industries. We opens more possibilities for designers to get unlimited income in many ways and offers free and affordable design plans for consumers worldwide.

About SEEKPLAN for education, operated by PT. Seekplan Multi Data and supported by major Universities is eager to make a big and positive impact in world’s architecture education through innovations and creative technologies. SEEKPLAN services in education, including SEEKPLAN Europe University Tours, SEEKPLAN Asia University Tours, SEEKPLAN presents Mahasiswa #MembangunIndonesia, SEEKPLAN Internship Programs, SEEKPLAN Design Exhibitions, Free Architecture Seminars, SEEKPLAN Architect Gathering, SEEKPLAN Unveiling Global Architect and other events, are forms and movements that the team made for better IT awareness in Architecture for students and public society.

Key People


FALDO ANDREO | More than 6 years in design industry and consultancy (architecture, interior and graphic). Managing Director of a property developer – PT. Patih Jaya Developerindo, known as Patih Development. Published Architectural Book (Writer). Former Design Mentor. Former Autodesk ATC Instructor at building division. Commissioner and Creative Div. at PT. Asean Alltrade Indonesia. Former Research and Development Director of PT. Industri Kertas Internasional.


FASCO HO | Chief Executive Officer of various diversified companies. Former International Business lecturer for Undergraduate and Post Graduate Programs at UPH and IEU. Business and management expert that studied at RMIT, IMI Belgium graduate and took master degree at WMU. President Director of Asean Alltrade and INKERIN International.


ALBERT LIMANTORO | Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director of various manufacture and trading companies. Project Management Director of various property developments.


SANDRA OLGA | German-Indonesian Public Relations Graduate. Movie & Television Actress, Model, Presenter, Ambassador and Host at various TV programs. Owner of Chicken Farm, and Printing Business at Jakarta. Founder of BFO organization.


RAMON PIETER WERNERT | International business expert from Vlaardingen, Netherlands. Owner of Information Technology based travel companies. Founder of De Indonesie Reisspecialist, General Manager of Blue Fire Travel and owner of a branch from Rodex Travel Group.


BOBBY HARTANTO | Information Technology graduate from UC. CEO and owner of PT. Myme Tala Internasional – A Technology Group Company (MYME Technology, TALA digital agency, WMB and ERP Sonic).


CLARISSA OLIVIA SUSANTO | Chemical Engineering Graduate from Bandung Institute of technology. Management trainee of Philip Morris International (PT HM Sampoerna Tbk). Founder of StainNo Indonesia. Member of the Young Leaders for Indonesia and US-YSEALI Community. Winner of various international and regional awards: PERTAMINA Youth Eco-Preneur, HIPMI Business Pitching Contest, ASEAN Chemical Product Design Competition, MUJI Business Plan Contest ASEAN Job Express, MARKETEERS Idea Contest, AIIT International Design Contest Japan and International HENKEL Innovation Challenge.