A. User Guide

A.1.0 Home Screen (SEEKPLAN.com)

Home Screen is the main page of SEEKPLAN.com. By accessing SEEKPLAN.com, you will be landed on our Home Screen. In this page, user could browse for various featured categories of both architectural and interior design plan, featured banners (including, but not limited to; featured architect, events and advertisements), header banner (including; page navigation, language selection and user login), seek by category menu, user menu, featured plans and weekly free plans.


A.1.1 Header Navigation

Header Navigation is located at the top screen of every page and will always be visible upon scrolling to the top of the page.

Using Header Navigation:

  • Search Box: Type any keyword(s) or name of any plan, user or company in the search box and end up by clicking “enter” button on your keyboard or “magnifying glass” icon by using pointer. Search results could vary according to keywords that you are accessing.
  • Home: Navigate to Home Page of SEEKPLAN.com
  • SEEK PAGE: Navigate to search results or plan’s browse screen.
  • SEEK PAGE: Navigate to the Home Screen of SEEKPLAN Social Network, to find and connect with any people around the world (or locally) in architecture business. (User browse screen)
  • Help & Supports: Navigate to Help and Supports Page.
  • Language (Dropdown List): Language Selection. Select any language to change into preferable language on SEEKPLAN.com. Language selections will be updated through time.
  • Cart: Accessing to cart to process any purchases and see the number of items that have been added to user’s cart.
  • Sign Up: Navigate to user Sign Up page.
  • Login: Navigate to Login Page. Once logged in, it will be displayed as log out to log out or change user account.


A.1.2 Home Banners (Slide-show)

Banners are updated regularly and shows featured notification of headline news, featured events, featured architect and much more.

What’s on?

  • Featured Architect/ Interior Designer: Shows you a great people that will be featured for a week. Learn how to be a featured architect on Featured Architect Help and Support.
  • Headline News, Events, Showcase and Notifications.
  • Advertisement or Notification: Shows you a great offer, promotion or invitation on related product and services in architectural world. To learn more about advertisement and its condition, please go to Advertisement Help and Support or contact our marketing.


A.1.3 Featured Shortcut Box

Updated regularly. Shows you the latest trends in architecture and interior world.


A.1.4 Seek by Category

User could start browsing any available plan without entering any keyword or input selection “Seek by Category”. “Seek by Category” is a feature that intended for filtering and narrowing categories to get more specific results.

Input any keyword, name, and number and select some options that are available through the filter categories to get more specific results. Click on “Search” button to search. Use “Advanced Seek” for more options.


A.1.5 User Menu

Without log in your user account, you are accessing SEEKPLAN.com as a guest. On guest mode, User Menu will not be displayed and accessible unless once logged in.

User Menu:

  • user name: Once logged in, user name will be displayed on the menu.
  • view my page: Navigate to user’s page.
  • edit profile: Navigate to Profile Editing Page, which allow user to edit their profile information.
  • account manager: Navigate to Setup Menu, which allow user to change account setting and more.
  • purchased plan: Display all plans that previously have been purchased and stored on user’s account. User could access their purchased plans (view, use and print) from any browser and devices, once logged in.
  • my wish list: Display all plans that have been added as user’s wish list.
  • view my seeks: Display all users on SEEK PAGE that have been added to “my seeks”. Added seeks will also displays notifications and posts made by added seeks on user Talk-Boxes page, Email Notification and Mobile Application (coming soon).
  • revenue (contributor user only, upgraded account): Navigate to user’s revenue page and displays user’s account balance. Please refer to term and conditions. Currency and availability may vary between countries.
  • send gift card: Navigate to Gift Card purchasing menu. Allow user to send a prepaid credit balance to other user with a few simple clicks.
  • redeem gift card: Navigate to redemption page of received gift card by code (non-automatic send/ physical gift card).
  • featured plan credit: shows user’s FPC (Featured Plan Credit) balance and purchasing credit.
  • Account Balance and FPC Balance Information: Displays user’s balance.


A.1.6 Featured Plans (Top and Bottom Tray):

Displays various featured plans. May vary by system or seeking preferences.


A.1.7 Plan Browser

  • Search by name: Start seeking any architectural or interior design plan by entering any keyword and get more accurate results on what you are looking for.
  • Plan Browser (Home) At Home Page, The Plan Browser will displays four top categories on entire SEEKPLAN.com library up to date. The categories that user could find are: TOP SEEK, LOCAL’S FAVORITE, FRESH UPLOADS and TOP FREE PLAN. Local’s Favorite will display top viewed (and/or purchased) based on the country that user is accessing from.


A.1.8 WEEKLY FREE PLAN (Shortcut)

SEEKPLAN.com will show you one featured free plan that users could purchase with no cost. The plan will be updated regularly and only available or may be different on selected countries.


A.1.9 SEEKPLAN Editor’s Pick (Shortcut)

SEEKPLAN.com will show you various design plan that worth your attention. Updated regularly.



Navigate to various SEEKPLAN’s page to learn more, contact or keep in touch with us. User could also select preferable user interface for more convenient user experience.

Mobile Site: Engineered and designed for any mobile, tablet and touch screen devices. Mobile site is the default interface when user accessing SEEKPLAN.com from mobile devices.

Full Site: Gives you the full experience of SEEKPLAN.com that is designed for Computer Screen, Large Display and Pointer Navigation.


A.2.0 Advanced Seek (Plan Browser)

A.2.1 Using Advanced Seek

Advanced Seek is intended for more precise and accurate result on design plan that users are seeking for. It contains more advance filters to narrow the results to save time on browsing specific plan in SEEKPLAN.com library.

To use Advanced Seek, click on “Advanced Seek” link under “Seek by Category”. Your page will be navigated to Advanced Seek page and you may found several options.


A.2.2 Advanced Seek Filters

  • Keywords: Enter any keyword that is related to the design plan that you are looking for. You may enter the title name of the project, words in description, the name of the author/ contributor and other words.
  • Usage Category: Select any Project Category for more precise results. >Building Type: Select the type of the building.
  • Number of levels: Enter the number of levels (for example: 3, for three-stories building).
  • Units: User may select the unit system that is used by the designer as annotation on their plans. Select the unit system according on your project area.
  • Land Shape: Select the land shape according to your project. >Building Area: Select the size of your building area. When you have selected a specific land shape, you can input manually on its length. (Automatically open up more options)
  • Price: Select Price Selections or input Price range.
  • Advanced Land Size: Advanced Menu that displays more option based on selected Land Shape.
  • Number of Rooms: Enter the amount of total rooms, designed on a specific project.
  • Number of Bathrooms: Enter the amount of total bathrooms, designed on a specific project.
  • Design: Select a specific design style of a project. Selections will be updated regularly.
  • Scale: Enter the scale that is used in the drawings.
  • Sheet Selection: Select a specific paper size that is used by the designer. This will affect on printing results. Please carefully select the print paper size accordingly. Click “Search” button to proceed.


A.3.0 SEEK PAGE (Home Screen)

SEEK PAGE is a social network feature of SEEKPLAN.com that connects every designers and related industries in architecture from all around the world.


A.3.1 Popular Categories

There are several editor’s pick of Popular Categories that updated regularly. By default, there are six (6) categories in each group; User Pages and Corporate Pages. By clicking on an icon in popular categories, user will be navigated to the browsing lists of SEEK PAGE library.


A.3.2 Around You

This is a unique seeking feature on SEEKPLAN.com that shows you people and corporate that are located around your place. This feature is intended to seek local businesses and people in architectural business to boost out your business connection.


A.3.3 Seek Page Browser

A browser page to seek for people (or corporate) in SEEKPLAN.com.



B.1.0 User Account

User does not need any account or sign up to enjoy the services on SEEKPLAN.com, however, you need an account once you make any purchases, sell design plan, comment, report and creating your own page on SEEKPLAN.com.


B.1.1 Account Comparison

Guest Mode: User can browse any design plan on SEEKPLAN’s entire library and look up for people (see profile information, make calls and send email) or even see any posted announcements on users’ Talk-Boxes. Guest Mode is intended for public user who is seeking for information and contacts of architect, interior designer, developer, investor, lecturer, building contractor, and building supplier and other related people and businesses.

Note: For registered users, this mode (Guest) is very useful to boost out popularity as an architecture business list that is displayed 24/7 and showcased to the world. It is even more powerful than business card and search engine to your own website.

Basic Account: One account per user that opens whole features in SEEKPLAN.com services. Sign up is easy and always free for forever. Once signed in, user could start to make any purchases, stored purchased plan on their own library list, VIEW/USE/PRINT any purchased plan on any browser and devices, have your own page, edit your profile information, uploads any portfolio and use the full feature of Talk-Boxes (Add My Seek List, followed by other users, post announcements and more).

Contributor Account: A free upgrade account for Architect and Interior Designer to submit any design plan on SEEKPLAN store and start publishing their plans for sale. User will not be charged anything but receive shares on purchased plans.

Why stuck on guest mode if you can enjoy all the features in SEEKPLAN.com for free?


B.1.2 Sign Up

Becoming a member of SEEKPLAN is easy and always free for forever! Sign up by clicking “sign up” link on Header Page or User Menu on Home Page (in Guest Mode).

Step 1: Enter your email that will be use as your login account, password and fill all the necessary information. It just takes a few second!

Step 2: After submitting your sign up form, you will receive a verification mail to your inbox and click on the verification link to start using your SEEKPLAN account.

Step 3: What else? Nothing! Done! You can add a profile information if you would like to! It can be a powerful tool to promote you and your businesses/ organization in architecture world.


B.1.3 Create, add members and join a Corporate Page

Corporate Page is not a stand-alone account. User need to create their personal account before creating or joining in a corporate page.

To access to Corporate Setup, once logged in, click on “Account Manager” in user menu (Home) and go to “My Corporate”. Once created, the user will be the leader of the group that has access to corporate page setup and verify members’ request.

There are two ways to join into a corporate page as a member, which user could display the information of the place or organization that they are into it.

Step 1: User is requesting to be a member of a corporate page, then the group leader will be notified by a user request and verify manually.

Step 2: Another way to join in a corporate page is by the leader’s invitation. B.1.4 Upgrading to Contributor Account Contributor account is not a stand-alone account. User need to create a basic account and upgrade for free from their account setup. Step 1: Once logged in, go to your user menu in Home Page and click “Account Manager”. Step 2: Find Account Setting > click on “Upgrade to Contributor”.

Step 3: Fill all the necessary information and click on “Upgrade Now” button. (Note: for Indonesian User, you need both PayPal and Bank Account to complete the upgrading process. User from another country needs only PayPal Account).

Why do you need an account?

Though you will not be charged for upgrading and using a contributor account, you will receive 70% from all purchased plan that you have uploaded and published on SEEKPLAN.com. That’s another reason to be in love with SEEKPLAN!


B.1.5 Gold Membership

Note: Be warned! Services in SEEKPLAN.com, both Marketplace (Design Plan) and Social Network can be enjoyed for free. However, a Gold Membership is created for premium contributor users to access “unlocked” price setup on their published design plan for sale. SEEKPLAN recommends user to use the free account for regular users.

What’s the benefits of using Gold Membership Subscription?

  • Unlock price setup on approved design plan upon publication. (Also available for published plans)
  • Ability to set their own price without any limitation.
  • Gold Membership Status on User Page.
  • Gold Frame highlighted on user profile picture in SEEK PAGE browser to stand-out from the crowd.

How to subscribe?

Step 1: You could access to the subscription page by clicking on “Upgrade to Gold” in your own user page.

Step 1b: Another way, user could take a subscription from their “Account Manager” via Home Page user menu. Go to “Gold Membership Subscription” to see status or purchase a new subscription.

Step 2: There are several options to choose from monthly, quarterly, yearly or biannually. Once selected, click on your cart to proceed payment process.

Step 3: Done! See your status on your Account Manager or your page on SEEK PAGE. If you have any approved/ verified design plan that’s waiting to be published or has published, you can set its price by inputting your desired amount.


C.1.0 Design Plan Marketplace

SEEKPLAN.com is acclaimed to be the first eCommerce Design Plan Marketplace in the world to buy and sell any design plan (including architectural and interior design plan) that made by designers from all over the world, in a large and always growing library.


C.1.1 Buy a Design Plan

Browsing and seeking a design plan doesn’t require any sign up, but user account is needed once you would to make a purchase on the product.

Step 1: Browse design plans from the SEEKPLAN plan browser or use the “Advanced Seek” feature to seek for a specific design plan.

Step 2: Click on the image icon to see the information and details of the plan. All plans in SEEKPLAN have a complete set of drawing in planning standards (see terms and conditions) and may be equipped by additional visualizations, planning details or documents in one set or in separated additional purchases.

Step 3: Click on Buy to add your items to your cart or add to your wish list for comparisons.

Step 4: Proceed payment processing by clicking “cart” icon on the header. You still need to go to payment processing, even it is free. User will not be charged for free design plans.


C.1.2 VIEW/USE/PRINT Purchased Design Plan

All purchased plan can be viewed and printed from any browser on any devices, everywhere. All plans are stored on your purchased library and can be accessed by log into your SEEKPLAN account. So you don’t need any drive or printed drawing. Anytime you want to open, you just need few clicks. *internet connection required/ offline mode is available for upcoming mobile application.

After completing payment processions, you could start using your purchased plans by accessing “My Purchased Plans” on your user menu on Home page. You need to logged in to your account to access your purchased plans.

Step 1: Go to Home (SEEKPLAN.com) and click “My Purchased Plans” on your user menu.

Step 2: To open a design plan, click on the plan and view.

Step 3: Built-in reader will be opened and you could start viewing and use the plans directly from the web. Click on the next/previous to flip over the page and pan/ zoom tools to look for details. (Tablet PC and Laptops work best at Project Site, while Desktop and Projector are suitable for presentation/ meetings)

Note: Documents (such Information, Schedule, Cost Details, etc) and Visualizations (Still images/ Walkthrough/ Moving Pictures) is presented as a downloadable documents, while design plans (drawings) is not downloadable.


C.1.3 Print and Print Services

You could print anywhere from any devices without any installation required. Say you would like to print documents and small drawings that are not in scale, print it at home via your gadgets or PCs. Say you would like to print some blueprints and large design plans professionally, go to a nearby printing stations (centre/ services) without bringing anything with you. So you are always ready and the design plans is always be with you when you need it.


Step 1: Access to SEEKPLAN.com via any browser/device and log into your account.

Step 2: Open your file from “My Purchased Plans” and select print. The printing options and setup is ready on any computer or devices with printer setups.

Step 3: When you are ready, just click print! Done!

Print Services

Requesting printed products on purchased design plans is only available in selected areas/ countries by our printing centre partners. We are in developing this service and expanding to your area soon.


C.2.0 Submit, Sell and Publish Design Plans

Anyone could be a contributor! No restriction nor limitation to start selling a design plan in SEEKPLAN.com. Being a contributor is free and doesn’t charge you any money, but you’ll receive it! How’s that sound? Yup! This is a great solution to make a better world!

Note: All steps that will be mentioned below needs a logged in contributor account. See how to be a contributor account on account section in help and support.


C.2.1 Submit a Design Plan

Step 1: Once logged in, go to your Account Manager (via user menu from the home page) and find “my plans” at left tab selection.

Step 2: Start uploading by clicking the “create plan” button and follow all the steps given from each page.

Step 3: Fill all the necessary information and do not left any blank information.

Step 4: Click on “Submit” button to submit your plan and any additional content(s). All submitted information will be check by our approval team and user will receive the results by mail within days.

Step 5: Once verified, user could start publishing their plans manually from their Account Manager dashboard, “My Plans” and select “publish” on selected plan’s drop-down list selection.

Note: Please read SEEKPLAN terms of use for submitting design plans.

C.2.2 Publish and Sell

All approved design plans are ready to get published! Plans publication date and price is now up to the contributor. To start publishing and set the price, please go to your Account Manager and select “My Plans” on the left tab. Select your plan and edit the price/ publication status on the menu.

Note: User is allowed to change the price and its publication for both approved design plans and published design plans. It is also possible to update the content information inside the plans by sending an update request. All users that have purchased the plans will receive the latest version of updated design plans made by the contributor without having to buy a new plan.

C.2.3 Featured Plan Credit (FPC)

What is FPC?

FPC or Featured Plan Credit is a virtual credit to boost the selling of your specific design plan and get more attention by the users. When activated (by associating a design plan with Featured Plan feature in User Account Manager), the associated plans will be displayed on featured plan rows in SEEKPLAN.com.

How does it work?

Basically, featured plan(s) is a preferred plan that shown on the top and bottom of each browsing page. The link will be associated to the user’s design plan information page.

On every plan browsing page, including home and advanced seeks, SEEKPLAN will show you four featured plans on the top and four featured plans at the bottom. This plans will be featured automatically by the system according to user seek preferences (including categories and keywords) and/or their unique behavior. For example, when a user seeks for a home plan, the featured plan rows will display all featured plans that have connections with home.

Setting up a Featured Plan

1. On the plan submission form or edit plan, look for the featured plan section and mark the set of your plan as “featured plan”.

2. Input the number of credit amount that you would like to spend for the project. Please be noted that this number is the limitation that you set for a set of design plan. It will not take up the rest of your FPC balance that you have in your account.

3. Input the number that you would like to spend per view on “credit condition”. The greater the amount you spend per view, the more frequent (as a priority) it is shown up as featured plan.

D.1.0 SEEK PAGE (The Social Network of SEEKPLAN)

All SEEK PAGE services in SEEKPLAN can be accessed by the same user account as its design plan Marketplace. So, you do not need to create another account to use SEEK PAGE. To access SEEK PAGE, click on the “SEEK PAGE” link on the header.

D.1.1 What is SEEK PAGE?

SEEK PAGE is SEEKPLAN user’s (and corporate’s) page. It is a social network for architecture businesses to get connected. As a SEEK PAGE Member, you’ll get all the features, benefits and possibilities to boost your connections. (including invitations to architectural related events and launches)

While the other social networks getting more private, we are getting more open. This is a social network that minds architect (and related profession) and its businesses. This is your business card! This is your company profile! Even greater and more powerful! So you do not need anything to hide! All information is meant for business. There is no personal information such “relationship status” and fully controlled by its own users.

Search for any people in architectural industries (including architects, interior designers, building contractors, building suppliers, property developers, real-estate investors and many more) in a place that world’s greatest designers are connected! Find one and contact them directly without any friend limitation and sign up required*.

D.1.2 What will you get on SEEK PAGE?

User will get three pages, including; User Profile, Portfolio and Talk-boxes.


USER Profile is the Profile Information of the user. In this page, you could display any information that you like to be displayed in your user page that is fully controlled by you. On profile editor, tick on the boxes that you would like to show to public and untick everything you don’t. In this page you can put your educations, achievements, business or personal contacts, curriculum vitae and more.

Tips: Get contacted by people! Display more information as a self-advertisement. Phone number and email are powerful tools to be connected by people. Users could call you (or email) directly from their phone, via SEEKPLAN.com Mobile Site and Mobile Application (coming soon).

B. Portfolio

Portfolio is your 24/7 expo to showcase your talents to the world. Display your designs on artworks section and any achievements on your Hall of Fame section.

1. To add images on your portfolio, go to your account manager and select “My Portfolio” on the left tab.

2. Create a group category and upload a square icon 150px x 150px for your thumbnail icon.

3. Add some images or artworks that you have done lately or in the past, select the information category and add some descriptions.

C. Talk-boxes

Post Announcement:

1. To start posting an announcement, go to your page and select “Talk-Boxes”.

2. My Talk-boxes will be shown at the left side column. Write any announcement with no more than 200 words for each posting. You could also add “YouTube Video link” or Upload a photo by choosing “Image”.

3. To start posting your talk-box, click on the “post” button.

4. Your seekers who follow your posts will receive your post and shown on their “my seeks”. Seekers will also get a notification mail on their registered email account.

Receive Latest Information:

1. To receive any announcement or posts from other users, you need to add them to your seeks by clicking “add to my seeks” button on their page.

2. People or company that you seek or follow will be added to your seek list and their announcements will pushed automatically to your page on “My Seeks” at the right side of your Talk-Boxes page. You will also get a mail notification on your registered email address.

Get Connected:

Follow and get follower. SEEK PAGE allow user to get connected with other people by adding other users to their seeks and added by others too. By clicking “Add to my Seeks” button on someone page, user will receive any announcement that posted by the user on their “My Seeks” on Talk-boxes. Added users will be listed on the My Seeks and Seekers List. That means, they are connected with each other and easily find some interesting news about architecture every seconds. By adding people to your seeking list, that means you can easily find their page to reach them by mail, phone and any other information without searching them on SEEK PAGE browser.