Q: About copyrights protection. How we can be sure that no one re-upload/ re-submit anything that have been uploaded on SEEKPLAN?

A: All plans that published on SEEKPLAN.com needed to pass multiple screening made by the system, our design team and involve all users (community). All submitted design plans will be checked by our design team before it can be published by the contributors. As in our terms and regulations, the design plan has to be an original design made by the user and owner-free (have never been sold to any party). In any case of violation or against our terms, User has right to report a specific design plan and the case will be proceed by SEEKPLAN accordingly. While the system is not allowing users to download the purchased file(s) on their devices, our contributors are no need to worry about re-uploading matter.

Q: Architects have the responsibilities on the building that they have designed, such the building’s strength.

A. To meet the demands on our society, We need to suppress and cut inefficient roles of the architect and/or designer. In case of feasibility, all design plans need to meet the standard of International Regulations and screened by our professional designers to make sure that all plans can be use in real project. If the concern is about the building strength, please be mentioned that we are offering design plans that made by interior designers and architects. We could not forget that we still need the role of civil engineer in terms of calculating the structure and its strength. On another hand, upon starting a project, all plans need to be verified by the Liaison Officer (or local Planning Management/ Department). Lastly, the building contractor is the final inspector and has to inspect all things are made accordingly without any failure. So, the safety is not in one hand, but we need a good team work between roles.

Q: How come it is a global network and can be sold globally? (Design Plans)

A: SEEKPLAN is a Global-scale Ecommerce Marketplace and Social Network that launched in five (5) countries and developed in more than three (3) countries across continents. We are also do continuous development to reach more countires in terms of socialization and representative offices. As an Information Technology services, our system is available and can be use globally in any countries, so people anywhere could join and use the full services of SEEKPLAN.

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