SEEKPLAN Terms and Conditions

You must be over 18 years old and older (or equivalent, as agreed by international regulation) to use the services and accept all terms and conditions. User and/or visitor below 18 years old must be accompanied and/ or get a valid approval from their parent to use the services.

  1. SEEKPLAN Web Store, SEEKPLAN Application Store and SEEKPLAN Subscriptions Term of Sale.
  2. SEEKPLAN Store Terms and Condition.
  3. SEEKPLAN Seek Page Social Networking Terms and Condition.
  4. SEEKPLAN General Services


This legal agreement covers and governs all users on using SEEKPLAN services, including, but not limited to SEEKPLAN Web Store, SEEKPLAN Mobile Application Store, SEEKPLAN Subscriptions, SEEKPLAN Social Networking and its services (“Services”). By using and/ or clicking “AGREE”, users are deemed as agreed on all terms and conditions set by SEEKPLAN and its management. If you do not agree to SEEKPLAN terms and conditions, do not click “AGREE” and do not use the services.


A. SEEKPLAN Web Store, SEEKPLAN Application Store and SEEKPLAN Subscriptions Term of Sale.


  1. User (Public and Contributor) must be over 18 (eighteen) years old or equivalent (valid legal age that has been approved by international agreements) to make and proceed any transactions.
  2. User below 18 years old (or equivalent, as approved) must have a valid approval by their parents or adult representatives to make and precede any transactions. All payments and account registration, including payment services, must be done by their legal representative(s).
  3. User is agreed to pay and fulfill any payment bills that has been charged to their account on any transactions made by their account.
  4. User needs to accept all terms made by any payment gateway and its services that they use.
  5. You (user) are agree to pay any purchase(s) that you make in full amount, including taxes and any other fee that has been applied according to your payment options.
  6. You (user) are agree to pay any purchase(s) that you make according to the payment policies that has been applied by any payment services that you use, including but not limited to payment gateways, third-party payment services, user’s payment services, bank services and other related services.
  7. All transaction that has been made in SEEKPLAN services will be preceded by Indonesian Tax Regulations. All other taxes that involve user(s) and other parties will be preceded by their own valid regulation that applied in their country.
  8. Any personal taxes regulations that involved users by making any transaction (or received payments) in SEEKPLAN will not be part of SEEKPLAN responsibility. All user need to proceed their own taxes according to applied regulation in their own county.

II. Credit Card, Debit and Bank Issuances

  1. Users are agreed to the policies, payment regulations, terms and conditions of any Credit Card, Debit Card and other Bank Issuance payment methods of any banks and legal authorities in their country (and international terms of use) that they use.
  2. By making any transactions, users are fully understand to the payment policies of any payment methods that they chose in payment gateway.
  3. Users are agreed to be charged by any fee(s) that has been applied to certain payment methods that has been informed on checkouts and/ or other notifications, including but not limited to bank notifications, billing services, stated policies, applied terms, public announcement, media announcement, company announcement and other various forms by any related payment services that has been used by SEEKPLAN and/ or users.
  4. Users may be charged by their payment services on valid exchange rate that has been applied on the time of transaction or other billing regulations.


see PAYPAL terms of use



see VERITRANS terms of use


  1. SEEKPLAN will not do any refund in any forms from any purchases made by user via SEEKPLAN Services, including but not limited to Payments, Plan Purchases, Subscriptions, Gift Card, Featured Plan Credits and other services.
  2. SEEKPLAN may refund (has rights, but not compulsory) any transactions that has not been approved by SEEKPLAN management, according to the company regulations, terms and conditions, with or without prior notification.
  3. SEEKPLAN may refund any purchases, in limited conditions, that solely decided by SEEKPLAN Management.
  4. SEEKPLAN may reject any refund request(s) from user with or without any notification, including but not limited to reasons, details and other information.



  1. Gift purchase made by users may be purchased by any users, but redeemed only by the sent recipient (“via the addressed account”). Redemption is limited to its Gift Card Account Balance and could only be purchased on SEEKPLAN services, limited to SEEKPLAN Web Store and SEEKPLAN Application Store and SEEKPLAN Subscriptions.
  2. Gift recipients must have compatible software and/ or hardware and activated SEEKPLAN Account.
  3. Gift Card could not be refund or change to another credit balance, product and/ or money or redeemed into non SEEKPLAN services.
  4. Gift Card, Gift Certificate and Prepaid Allowances in Indonesian Currency (Rupiah/ IDR) will only be proceeding on Rupiah Payment Gateway.
  5. Gift Card, Gift Certificate and Prepaid Allowances in United States Currency (US Dollar/ USD) will only be proceeding on US Dollar Payment Gateway.
  6. User could not exchange their currency on their account allowances.
  7. Unspent Gift Card, Gift Certificate and Prepaid Allowances in any currency or form could not be exchanged to any cash or other payment forms outside SEEKPLAN web store.


B. SEEKPLAN Store Terms and Condition.

Plan(s)/ Design Plan(s) (Architectural, Structural, Interior and all building-related). Including drawing (manual/ computer generated), Visualization (Still and Moving Pictures), Details, Annotations, Information and Descriptions. By September 2016, SEEKPLAN e-commerce marketplace only accept Interior Design Plans (including, but not limited to interior plans, furniture, expo booth, kitchen and related drawings).

I.Consumer (Public – General User and Visitor)

  1. All plans that have been published in SEEKPLAN web pages and store are owned, uploaded and published by their respective owners.
  2. All published plans are assessed by SEEKPLAN requirement standards upon submission. SEEKPLAN does not take any credit on creation nor editing the submitted plans and all of its content.
  3. SEEKPLAN is only act as a host and do not responsible for any causes that made from published plans. All contents and files that has been uploaded and/ or submitted are responsibilities of their own proprietary users. Contributors are fully responsible for all issues that have been made from their own submitted files.
  4. Users are fully responsible of any misuses of the products and services of SEEKPLAN that made by their action.
  5. SEEKPLAN will not grant any refund in any forms on all purchased items (including but not limited to any plans, additional plan purchases, subscriptions, memberships and services in both physical and digital goods).
  6. In limited conditions, that will be decided and granted solely by SEEKPLAN management decisions, according to SEEKPLAN’s policy, refund could be granted in the form of gift cards, in-store credits, services, vouchers or cash-backs.
  7. Users may report any bugs, failures or contents (plans, comments, announcements, users, postings and others) by clicking the provided report button, and state the reason where available. All reports made by users will be accommodated and proceed by SEEKPLAN.
  8. SEEKPLAN may solve, but not compulsory, of any issues regarding bugs, failures or contents where available. This services (“maintenance”), may take some time with or without prior notification that may temporarily stop, delay, postpone or stop permanently of any services.
  9. SEEKPLAN may solve, but not responsible of any services that stopped working or working improperly that caused by users, visitors, bugs (including but not limited to errors, viruses, frauds and malwares), submitted plans, maintenances or modification in any services.
  10. All uploaded plans that are submitted and/ or published at SEEKPLAN web services are made and uploaded and/ or submitted by respective users. All copyrights are belonging to respective owners.

II. Contributors

  1. All plans and its contents are owned and copyright by its own contributors. All rights reserved to their respective owners.
  2. Contributors (submitters) should ensure and state on all submitted plans are belongs to their own, without any contributions from any other parties. Contributors should have necessary valid legal approval on submitting any plans that are not belong to them (as representatives).
  3. All plans that submitted to SEEKPLAN needs to meet SEEKPLAN plan submission requirement standards.
  4. All plans and its content are owner-free, contract-free and do not associated with any owner but the submitter themselves. Every plan and its content are legal to be used by any user globally without any legal ties.
  5. In case of legal issues, related parties should contact its respective owners (submitter or contributor) to solve any legal issues regarding the plans.
  6. SEEKPLAN has right to reject, retract or remove of any submitted plans that are not meet the standards of requirement.
  7. SEEKPLAN has right to reject, postpone, retract or remove of any published plans that has been reported or in the state of any legal issues.
  8. Contributors are willing to take all responsibilities from future issues and need to act correspondently from any issues made by their actions.
  9. Users/ contributors have rights to submit their uploads to be displayed and sell at SEEKPLAN Plan Web Store.

III. Plan Submission Requirement Standards

  1. All pages and contents included in a set of plan are related and associated to one specific project, per title, per submission.
  2. All information related to the plans need to be stated in clear description and information for all readers, internationally.
  3. All information regarding to the submitted plan need to be described on plan submission form. Including, but not limited to; Project Description, Contents, Paper Size (Plot), Scale, Title, Category, Specifications and Price Information (incl. Additional Plan Purchases/ AdPP).
  4. All plans and its contents are owner-free and is not owned by/ associated to any client (third parties) or related to any conflicted projects.
  5. All annotations, legends and details need to be stated in a universal language of architecture that is understandable globally.
  6. Plans that contain any materials or associated with any prohibited contents that are not allowed by any valid legal circumstances are strictly prohibited.
  7. Plans are associated with interior department, including but not limited to; Layout, Floor Plan, Interior Details, Furniture, Multi-view, explode details, Materials and Schedule; for Home, Apartment unit, Bedroom, Bathroom, Kitchen, Office, Commercial Area, Exhibition booth and more.
  8. Plans are meet the safety standards of any bureau (general) or in architectural of interior terms.
  9. Submitter(s) are allowing all submitted plans to be used by consumers of any user, personally or commercially for any usage globally, without any limitations.
  10. Contributor user need to fill out submission form for SEEKPLAN publication purposes, signed and agreed to all terms and conditions made by SEEKPLAN legal and management.
  11. SEEKPLAN has fully rights of any submitted and/ or published plan from users in, but not limited to; publication, selling, using, displaying, retrieving share, trading, exhibiting, showcasing, advertising, business actions and any commercial purposes in any form of SEEKPLAN services, including digital products and physical goods.
  12. Contributors (or users) are not allowed to double publishing, selling or any commercial actions to public (and/ or another parties, companies and medias) of any published and submitted plan and contents on SEEKPLAN services in any form/ format (physically and/ or digitally).

IV. Contributor Share

  1. International Contributor must have Paypal Account to retrieve any share (or royalty) of their published plan and/ or content from purchased items.
  2. Indonesian Contributor must have valid legal local Bank Account (in Indonesia) to retrieve any share (or royalty) of their published plan and/ or content from purchased items.
  3. Share will only be sent to contributor from paid plans and/ or contents.
  4. Contributor will receive 70% share from purchased items after reduced by taxes (that applied according to Indonesia’s law) and fees (including bank transfer fee, third-party payment fee and any form of payment services fee).
  5. Pricing set by contributor user will effectively effect on purchasing price, payment and retrieving shares.
  6. Contributor will not receive any share from unpaid items and free items.
  7. SEEKPLAN will not organize or pay personal taxes on contributors. All contributors are responsible to pay their own personal taxes and its related matter, according to valid policies in their own country.
  8. All contributor need to register their valid account on signing up their account.
  9. SEEKPLAN will not responsible to any invalid account, typing mistakes or ownership issues on contributor’s registered account. All users are suggested to double-check their form before proceeding.
  10. SEEKPLAN will not proceed any share to any contributor (or user) which break the laws, violate any agreement, terms and conditions of SEEKPLAN services and anyone did any infringement issues.
  11. SEEKPLAN may terminate any transactions made on contributors that are in case of any legal issues.
  12. SEEKPLAN will not proceed any share or may terminate any transaction on any plans and/ or contents that in the process of any conflicts or undergoing some legal issues.
  13. SEEKPLAN will not proceed any share nor transactions of any plans, services and/ or contents made outside SEEKPLAN plan web store, SEEKPLAN plan application store and SEEKPLAN services.
  14. SEEKPLAN will not proceed any share, transactions nor taking credit on any transactions made between users via SEEK PAGE services, inquiries, personal communications, messages and talk-boxes (including, but not limited to; posts, announcements, comments, shares and messages in form of text, visuals or any other format).
  15. Any trade value on sent shares from international currency to contributor’s account currency (or local currency), currency exchange, will be calculated automatically by the payment services on the date (and time) of proceedings.

V. Plan Submission, Rejection and Content

  1. All published plans in SEEKPLAN store are needed to comply with SEEKPLAN requirement standards and approved by SEEKPLAN approval team.
  2. SEEKPLAN will not assess, make adjustments nor comments on the design of submitted design plan.
  3. Any design plan that is not meet the standards of living and building regulations, in architectural terms, such human dimension standards, interior space standards and/or structure will not be granted upon submission.
  4. All design plans are needed to meet the requirements in architectural drawing, including but not limited to; legends, annotations, measurements, datum, title-blocks, scale, line-weights and symbols.
  5. All submitted graphic visualization, including 2 dimensional and 3 dimensional, still images and moving pictures, are related to the designated project in one set of its design plan.
  6. All visualizations that are uploaded and submitted to SEEKPLAN services must not contain prohibited contents and illegal contents that are restricted by law or submitted by unauthorized submitters.
  7. SEEKPLAN will reject, postpone, ban or delete permanently any submitted design plans that are not accordance to SEEKPLAN terms and conditions, with or without prior notification.
  8. SEEKPLAN approval team is allowed to reject, comment and give suggestions to contributor’s submitted plans.
  9. Contributor is not allowed to submit any design plans that are associated to any restricted place by law.
  10. Contributor is not allowed to submit any design plans that are belongs to any parties other than the submitter, unless they have any valid legal permission.
  11. User, in this case is the contributor, is solely responsible to any conflicts and lawsuits about all uploaded files and its contents. Any illegal means or act(s) may be sanctioned by law.
  12. SEEKPLAN has rights to ban, delete, reject, block and/ or censor any content or user that related to restricted materials, with or without prior notice.


C. SEEKPLAN Seek Page Social Networking Terms and Condition.

I. User’s Posting and Networking Limitations.

  1. Coarse language, insults and provocative terms are strictly prohibited by any expression (and forms) in any languages.
  2. Any materials (including but not limited to, images, moving pictures and words) that associated with any prohibited contents of any legal circumstances are not allowed.
  3. SEEKPLAN could delete, suspend or ban any materials or users that are not following the terms of a use without any prior notification.
  4. Illegal advertisements or flood posts that disturbing any other user and/ or causing any disadvantages on any user are strictly prohibited.
  5. Illegal advertisements or flood posts that disturbing SEEKPLAN system and/ or causing any disadvantages on SEEKPLAN server (including but not limited to networking, bandwidth and any sort of technical issues) are strictly prohibited and may be sanctioned by law.
  6. Users are not allowed to post, send or upload any contents (including but not limited to spams, frauds, viruses and malware) that may disturbing on the system and its technical issues, including hacking (or cracking, by penetrating/ trespassing any security system illegally) by any means.
  7. Users are not allowed to do illegal access of any services, including but not limited to unauthorized user accounts, administration, backend system and any restricted and/ or limited services.
  8. Users should register, fill and given their any details in valid information on any registration, submission, publication on all services (including but not limited to signup, identity, profile information, portfolios, talk-boxes, comments, messaging, inquiry and any other forms/ communications). Any unauthorized details, disguise or pretending to be someone which are not the person are strictly prohibited and may be proceed by law.
  9. Any illegal means or act(s) that are prohibited in any legal circumstances are strictly prohibited and may be sanctioned by law.


D. SEEKPLAN General Services

I. Changes and Modifications

  1. SEEKPLAN may change or modify its services, including but not limited to its features, platforms, user interface, user experience, pages and various online services.
  2. SEEKPLAN may change or modify any transaction methods and services, including but not limited to payment gateway, restrictions, currency, third-party affiliates, purchasing steps, purchasing history, transaction fee, contributor share and other payment services.
  3. SEEKPLAN may change or modify its terms and conditions that govern user’s in using the services, online services, stores, including its policies and privacy policies at anytime, with or without prior notification.
  4. SEEKPLAN may retire its online services and other services at anytime, with or without any prior notification.

II. Intellectual Property

  1. Use of the service or purchased items within the SEEKPLAN services may contain intellectual property contents which is belong to the SEEKPLAN and/ or related parties, but not limited to copyrights. Therefore, it is not allowed to reproduce of any contents in any form unless stated clearly as a permitted usage.
  2. Any actions that break the laws in Indonesia (and other countries, internationally) that may results in loss (in any forms) may be reported and proceeded by valid legal authorities.

III. Data and Reports

  1. SEEKPLAN has rights, but not compulsory, to take, use, filter, supervise and moderate any information, details, submissions and posts (data) of any user for company’s necessities.
  2. SEEKPLAN has rights, but not compulsory, to ask any data to certain user for information validity or other necessities.
  3. SEEKPLAN has rights, but not compulsory, to report any suspicious activity made by user(s) that harm (or inflict any form of loss) the company, public visitor or any user to authorities.
  4. SEEKPLAN may use any data (or information) that have been stored (or submitted) to SEEKPLAN (including, but not limited to the web services, mobile application and related third-party affiliates) for company’s necessities, commercial purposes, reports and other various needs.
  5. Any illegal content(s), material(s) or act(s) made by the user that may result in any loss to any party may be taken/ preceded by law.